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Friday, April 9, 2010

Natural Hair Care Regimen

Hey Hunny Bunnies!
I get asked often on my YouTube channel about my hair care regimen. I will share a few things before we get down to the nitty gritty.

1.) My hair is natural. My definition of natural is not chemically altering the texture of your natural hair. I do color on occasion but I think I will be laying off of that until I find an effect all natural coloring technique. I have had relaxed hair in the past prior to undergoing chemotherapy. After losing all of my hair I just decided to take better care of my hair when it grew back. You can have healthy hair relaxed or natural.

2.) Consistency is key! Try to stay consistent with the products that you use. I don't jump on the latest this or that. I find products that work for ME. Do the same and you will have success with your hair.

3.) Practice patience with you hair care regimen. You have to give products time to do their job. Don't expect over night results. Stick with and you will get there. Consistency is key.

4.) Yes, some of these products are what some (although I don't) would consider "expensive". All I can say is that in general you have to pay for quality. So in other words you get what you pay for. If these products do not fit within your budget I am sure you can find products that do.

and finally....

I developed my hair regimen with my licensed stylist. He is amazing! ;-) If you are not quite sure what to use I recommend consulting with a stylist. Even if you can't afford to have weekly visits going once to establish a regimen and every X amount of weeks for maintenance (i.e. trims and chemical services) is advised. There is little that substitutes for a qualified professional.

Let's begin............

I start by doing my deep conditioning blend. Which includes Shea butter, coconut oil and a few other things. I will do a separate post on that if anyone is interested.

In the following order:

I use the Nioxin Cleanser (7) for medium coarse hair. I pick my nioxin products up from Ulta. If runs about  $15 - $20 per bottle.

I generally have alot of gunk in my hair after certain hairstyles. This helps to clean my scalp and hair.

Next I use Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo. This is the stuff good hair is made of :-P It smells amazing!

This is an excellent product for natural hair. It makes my hair soft and manageable which is not an easy feat for natural hair. It doesn't contain sulfates so that makes it ideal for natural hair management. This product can also be found at Ulta and is about $30.

Next I use Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Treatment. It has a pleasant tingling feeling. Also purchased at Ulta for $14.50.

It makes my scalp feel amazing! Our scalp is often neglected but it is just as important especially for hair growth. I apply this with the Nixon Scalp Treatment (7). Generally it is cheaper if you buy the cleanser together with it. I take my time and massage this in really good. I leave this on, with a cap, for roughly  45 minutes.

Following that I use Apogees Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor.

This helps to keep my hair strong. I never keep this on longer that 5 minutes. It is VERY important to follow the directions with any product but especially aphogee if you expect them to work as intended.

This step I only do if I am planning to straighten my hair. (Which is This is the Alterna HEMP Conditioner.

The following products are NOT to be washed out.
I spray the Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Reconstructor in.
Followed with the Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leave In.


After all of this apply Shea butter to moisturize, coconut oil to seal the ends and then I sit up under my hooded dryer. Then I style .... however I choose to. I try to keep styling products to a minimum if I use any at all.
I use Biosilk hair spray when I am wearing extensions if needed or Chi Silk Infusion.

Hope this answers  your questions. If not please feel free to comment below and please follow this blog as well (to your right).


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