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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

Hey Everyone!

I was at Sally's recently and ran across the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask. I'm no stranger to this product as I used it often while I was in High School. I can't recall why I stop using it but I do remember it working well. Back then I was all about "the next new thing." I was always trying new stuff and usually not allowing products a chance to work. Now that i'm a little older I realize that I won't see instant results.....well maybe.......

I cleansed my face with Shea Moistures Black Soap w/ Shea Butter and then applied the Mint Julep Masque. It has a refreshing tingle and pleasant minty scent. You can use it as a mask OR as a spot treatment. You can leave it on 15 minutes/until dry or over night. Personally I put it on during the day and kick back and relax with a magazine and then wash it off. Once it dries it will flake off with I why I wouldn't recommend sleeping with a full face of it on. Can you imagine the mess? *shudders*  

I have acne and this product does an excellent job of drying pesky pimples up. I will however add acne is the outward manifestation of inward issues such as diet ect. So this product will not "cure" it but it is nice to have something to help keep the unsightly pimples down while you work on diets and water intake. 

I highly recommend it. 2 thumbs up here :) Some complain that is is drying so make sure you follow up with a good moisturizer.  If it's still too drying try increasing the times in between applications. 

Luv you all!!! 

Sheila Jackson


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